Sabra dana XL

Woven from black plant silk (Sfifa), golden ribbon 5 wicks - 100% cotton wick - Oud


  • Fragrance Orange blossom
  • Burn time 400 hours
  • Height 20 cm
  • Diameter 20 cm


Olfactory pyramid Orange Blossom

The scent of Orange Blossom at the return of spring, which spreads in all the streets of Marrakech, and whose  scent exudes a subtle sunny wake … The Orange Blossom offers a suave, fresh and sensual scent, which  envelope you of light and well-being.

Olfactory pyramid Orange Blossom

A story behind every candle


Collection Sabra

In Morocco, trimmings are a traditional art. Everyone’s creativity is put to the test and really facilitated in Morocco thanks to the presence of all its craftsmen and their ancestral know-how.


Our clients' opinion

The Zagora candle smells divinely good, it has a very beautiful energy, I can not even extinguish it!

This Mint Tea fresh Fragrance is quite possibly the best thing i’ve ever smelled

I stumbled upon your business (especially your story) and found your concept great. Combining Moroccan craftsmanship, design and respect for the environment is a great idea, I love it :)

Shipping 48 / 72 hours
Handmade 100% Artisan
Unique scents From Grasse
Eco Friendly Scented Candles


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