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Chama Chraibi

Chama Chraibi is a young up-and-coming contemporary visual artist from Casablanca, Morocco. 

Her distinctive minimalist style emanates fresh, vibrant energy with aesthetically pleasing strokes and curves.

Well-known for minimalist drawing style, Chama uses the one-line drawing technique to simplify and represent the complex world

around her in one single continuous line. Amazigh culture as she creates her own graphic language of signs and symbols to translate her own experiences living in Morocco.

All candles of this collection are entirely handmade using age old pottery techniques by artisans in the region of Marrakech.

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Capsule Collection

Musk Studio is a wall art brand launched in late 2015 by young Moroccan artist Fadwa Azhari.

Fadwa experiments and creates visuals that brighten up interiors with a nicely quirky touch.

We created with this artist the Moroccan Definiton collection by revisiting Moroccan writings and its pop culture.

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Moroccan Definitions

Capsule Collection

El Mokri Studio est un studio d'art abstrait multidisciplinaire fondé par Anbar El Mokri, basé à Casablanca. Anbar a toujours porté la peinture comme moyen d’expression privilégié. Après plusieurs années à l’étranger, entre Montréal, Toronto et Amsterdam, elle est revenue s’installer au Maroc en 2018

Anbar est inspirée par le dialogue entre les couleurs et les formes qui l'entourent au quotidien. Très observatrice, elle utilise une palette de couleur toujours inspirée par la nature, la chaleur et la lumière du Maroc

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Anbar El Mokri

Raphia collection

The Raffia Collection is inspired by the craftspeople of Essaouira, and entirely hand-woven by a women's cooperative. At Côté Bougie we are deeply committed to the social aspects of our work. As well as using local materials, we make a point of emphasising the skills and talent of our producers, and in particular the women we work with.

Discover the Raphia collection
Raphia Collection

Ceramic collection

With this exclusive collection, we pay homage to the master potters, the intelligent hands that create a fascinating world where clay takes shape every day.

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Sabra collection

Woven from Sfifa, a plant silk, this collection is an homage to our customs and represents the symbol of tradition emblazoned on our caftans. It combines modernity and refinement.

Discover the Sabra Collection
Collection Sabra

Tamegroute collection

In the Sahara desert lies Tamegroute, a small village with a rich and vibrant history. Tamegroute is home to seven families, each with their own oven and workshop. Creating pottery in a signature green shade, the craftsmanship and skill is beautifully authentic to the region.

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Collection 40.000 Marrakech

Côté Bougie has always paid homage to the city of Marrakech by designing candles inspired by the Red City. Three candles, each with their own name and unique scent.

Discover the Collection 40.000 Marrakech
Collection 40.000 Marrakech
Anbar El Mokri
Capsule collection

Anbar El Mokri

For this capsule collection, artist Anbar El Mokri revisits her signature ‘Minty Fresh’ pattern to fit the shape of the Candle.

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The Zagora candle smells divinely good, it has a very beautiful energy, I can not even extinguish it!

This Mint Tea fresh Fragrance is quite possibly the best thing i’ve ever smelled

I stumbled upon your business (especially your story) and found your concept great. Combining Moroccan craftsmanship, design and respect for the environment is a great idea, I love it :)

Our expertise

Our expertise

All our candles are handmade in Morocco. Our know-how is in the image of our products, upscale, luxurious and elegant.

Respect for the environment has always been at the heart of our concerns. We only use raw materials certified by the European Union, natural perfumes from Grasse, non-GMO soy wax or mineral wax and 100% cotton wick.

Shipping 48 / 72 hours
Handmade 100% Artisan
Unique scents From Grasse
Eco Friendly Scented Candles


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